Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little Bit About Minty Dolls

Hello! As I have told you this blog will be where I post about all the things I love about my dolls. What I didn't tell you is why I started this blog and why I decided to call it Minty Dolls. As you probably already know, my name is Korianne and I love dolls. I have since I was a wee one.

Here I am at age 4 with one of my very FAVORITE dolls, my sister, Kendall. If only she would still let me dress her up like she did when she was little! *giggle* 

I used to run a book blog but my priorities have changed and I don't have time to review books as often as I would like.  Recently I've begun following a slew of doll blogs ranging from Sasha lovers, American Girl enthusiasts and handmade doll crafters. I had been posting a few pictures of my dolls and the clothes I made them on my tumblr but since most of my followers there were either Gleeks or Broadway fans they weren't really interested in my dolls. That's when I decided I needed a blog just for my dolls! (Yes, there's also a Minty Dolls tumblr too!)

The reason my blog is called Minty Dolls is actually not to do with the fact that the dolls are in "mint" condition, in fact some of my dolls are very well loved or waif-like. Before I was born, my due date was anticipated to be the same day as the Kentucky Derby and my Mom jokingly said if I really was born on that day she was going to name me Mint Julep! Well I popped out early on April 21st so I wasn't named Mint Julep (a popular drink at the derby for those who don't bet on the ponies) but Minty has become a nickname. Since "mint" is a well known term in the doll world I thought it was fitting.

So Minty Dolls is born! I hope you all enjoy meeting my dolls and seeing what kind of trouble they get into! :)

P.S. Yes, that signature is my actual handwriting and how I sign most of my cards and letters!


  1. Looking good Korianne :o) xx Hugs Gloria in UK

  2. Thank you Gloria! I can't wait until I have more time for photoshoots after my surgery so I can post more on here! :)