Monday, August 22, 2011

New Madame Alexander Doll From Goodwill

So while I was in Sacramento I didn't get any more doll photos taken, but I did stop at a Goodwill and picked up a new doll. Here are her before shots...

Her hair looked awful, but I was confident I could save it. I didn't even have to wash it to get the tangles out, just a gentle brush and I used a tiny bit of febreze (not sure how safe for dolls this is... don't trust me!) because she smelled a little bit off. 

She had a few tiny marks on her face, but you can't really tell in these pictures. I used a magic eraser to scrub her face and body clean.

See the marks on her leg? Ick. She also had her price which was $2.00 written on her foot but I rinsed that off as soon as I got back to Cheyenne's house because I was worried about staining worse. It came out no problem with a little bit of water. 

Not going to lie, she looks a tiny bit freaky when she looks at you straight on, but I guess that's the risk you take with these Madame Alexander face molds. Some of them are adorable, others are a bit creepy. She's wearing Lara's (My Giving Girls Karito Kid) extra pink shirt and her meet skirt. I made the shoes for her out of foam, some ribbon and moleskin (it's a product, not actually made out of mole's skin and is typically used to help keep blisters from forming/protect them once they've already formed but it makes for great bottom treds on doll shoes.) and in her hair she's wearing a Wee Three Friends tutu that I'm using as a sort of scrunchy. 

 If she looks to the side she looks cuter. I dislike how her hair is just a shade too light for her skin tone and eye colour. I might put a darker wig on her at a later point, but since she has rooted hair that's a big commitment to cut all of her hair off. Actually she's wearing a bit of a wiglet in these pictures. Her hair was fine once I brushed it out but it didn't look very long in a ponytail and I like my girls to have longer hair so she got an old Cheer Flipz wig leftover from my sister's competitive cheer days. Her front hair (fringe and the part that's not coming out of the ponytail) is nearly the same colour as the wig so you can't even tell! Also, as you can see she has painted on eyelashes and under her bangs (fringe) she has painted eyebrows that I'm not a fan of. I might take a combo of magic eraser and some polish remover.

It SHOCKED me how much she looked like an American Girl doll from a few of these angles. It's weird how even with such different face molds they can look a lot alike from above.

I think this is my favourite one of the shoot! I was using a macro mode from above with a flash (couldn't be avoided, it was late) but with most of the lights in the room turned off.

Their bodies look so similar to AG bodies, except the molded plastic neck, which comes in handy for lower cut shirts and tank tops.

I think I've decided to call her Delaney. What do you think does that fit her?

I decided to take a few pictures of Fliss beside Delaney. I like how Delaney has more of a neck, but I'm not as fond of her smaller head. Also, in these pictures I like neither Fliss or Delaney's skin tone, so it may be a bit of the lighting causing issues. I like Fliss' skin tone better, but I still prefer the pinky tones of the pre-Mattel dolls. I have a PM Kirsten, and she just looks so glowy and adorable.

Here are some more shots of Fliss and Delaney! Sorry for all the flyaway hair, I didn't notice it as much when I was taking the shots.

That's all I have to share for now! I might be doing my first Liv body transfer soon so maybe I'll post shots of that!


  1. You did a great job cleaning her up. And a good bargain for 2 bucks! Her arms & legs look a little thinner than your AG doll. Are they?

  2. Yes, you are correct, the doll legs and body are a tiny bit slimmer than the American Girl doll. Also, the legs seem to have more space in between them than the AG dolls. My Fliss is a Mattel doll so she's not as big as the Pre-Mattel dolls body wise, but she still seems bigger than Delaney. I think these dolls would fit better in the Karito clothes than AG but still have a comparable body. Skirts and tighter clothes work nicely on her, but I tried some AG jeans on her and they looked odd due to the AG dolls having more hips than these girls.

  3. Hello!! :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! I followed yours. :)

  4. did great! i wish i could have one A.G and Madame Alex too... :)