Monday, August 1, 2011

Tiny Dolls on Vacation!

So sorry it's been a long time since I've made a post! School has been keeping me SUPER busy! I even took College Algebra as a summer class. Which I got my grade today and I got a C which is all I needed to pass, meaning NO MORE MATH FOR ME! I'm currently enjoying my tiny vacation before Fall semester starts up by visiting my cousin Sarah and her girlfriend Brandi in San Diego. I'm here until the 6th and then it's on to San Francisco and Sacramento to visit my friends. I brought a few tiny dolls with me so I decided to do a photoshoot in Sarah's backyard.

All the dolls are new since I last posted so I will introduce them to you in this post and then there may be a few more photoshoots over the span of this trip!

This is Bernadette.

Here she is balancing on Sarah's back porch fence. I made her outfit myself out of different ribbons I handsewed together. I got her and Julian (Who I'm going to name Brandon because he looks like the tiny doll version of Brandi who I'm staying with.) from my Mom's hospital gift shop and I think she's my favourite of all the new "Chelsea" sized dolls. I do think it's a little weird though that her body is skinnier than the Chelsea dolls though. I tried to put the swimming suit she came with on one of my Chelsea dolls and it wouldn't go over the hips. Bernadette will probably come with me to the beach sometime on this trip so look forward to adorable swimmy suit pics!

This is Francy.

I got Francy from my Dad's girlfriend, Nan. Both Nan and my Mom's names are Nancy so for my birthday Nan knew I loved dolls and thought this would be a cute addition to my collection.

Francy is wearing an old strawberry patterned Kelly dress I got from a garage sale and the shoes she came with. I love that her knees bend making her really cute to pose, but I wish her legs went straight forward instead of a straddle/split position. 

This is Kiley.

I got Kiley from my Mom who I believe bought her at Walmart. She's wearing an old ladybug Kelly dress that I got from a garage sale and black leggings from a Ty Little Ones doll (Awesome Ashley/Cute Charlotte) and shoes from Julian/Brandon with red ribbons tied in her hair.

Behind the Scenes. 

While I was posing the dolls individually on the fence I needed a place where the other dolls could sit so I could have the use of both hands. I didn't want to set them in the dirt or on the grass and accidentally step on them so I just rested them on their tummies along the fence. It looks like they are looking at something on the ground like WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE?!

This is the guest bedroom that I'm staying in. I did the photoshoot while I was waiting for Sarah and Brandi to get ready for dinner and then I had to rush out so I left all the dolls spread out on the bed. I came back and I felt like my bedroom belonged to a 5 year old! Between the dolls and my teddy bear, Emmsie,  you'd never know that a 22 year old was staying here. Whoops. At least I made my bed! hee hee

Well that's all I have to show you today, hope to be posting more soon now that I have a break from classes!

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  1. Hi Korianne!

    Thank you for participating in Shout-Out Your Doll Site! I love your pictures, your new dolls look so sweet! :)

    Also, I really love your website and can't wait to read more of your posts!

    Hope you have a great day!

    Your Friend,